Representing IDSA members in the Greater Houston metropolitan area, IDSA Houston’s mission is to build and strengthen the local IDSA community. We support the professional development and networking opportunities of a broad range of design specialties and employers, with an emphasis on the local medical and healthcare, energy, and space industries. The chapter is committed to delivering high-quality, energetic, and content-driven programs that educate and enlighten our creative community, as well as strengthen our profession, and benefit the industry of Industrial Design. Our chapter hosts regular meetings as a forum for interaction between our members and the elected officers to develop and set the agenda for any upcoming events.

Additionally, the chapter proudly supports the IDSA student chapters at local universities and colleges in industrial design and related fields that offer undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.

Please feel free to write to any of our officers with comments and suggestions to help us continue to improve our offerings to the Greater Houston Design Community.

Houston News & Events


Jeff Feng, IDSA, Chair
Elliott Martinez, IDSA, Vice Chair
Lauren Peters, IDSA, Secretary/​Treasurer
Usna Ghaffar, IDSA, Social Media Lead
Mariana Keymolen, IDSA, Events Chair