The IDSA Detroit Chapter serves the state's wealth of design talent. We engage industrial designers throughout their careers, beginning with student life and on through leadership roles in top design studios throughout the state. We service a diverse group of industrial designers, from East Michigan’s rich automotive history, to the world famous West Michigan furniture companies and everything in between.

Our purpose is to facilitate networking, support design education and organize professional outreach programs. Join us as we help develop entertaining and educational festivals like the Detroit Design Festival and West Michigan Design Week, sponsor talks at the U of M Penny Stamps School of Design, and take tours of some fascinating studios and manufacturing facilities.

We are excited to be part of such an outstanding state that is a leader in design excellence. Join us on our journey, and share how you are a part of such of such an incredible part of Michigan’s design history.

If you have information to share with the Michigan design community or have ideas for events and activities, please contact your chapter officers.

Detroit News & Events


Jody Ingle, IDSA, Chair
Shannon McParlton, IDSA, Vice Chair