Circular Printer


This circular-type portable concept printer responds to a real need for business travelers and challenges engineers to make it a reality. Using rotational, instead of linear, movement to obtain a truly portable design, printer size is reduced by one-third.

  • Light and compact.
  • Slim, rounded lines impart an image of durability and portability.

"This is a fresh and novel design solution to the long standing pursuit of printing anywhere, anytime. Focusing on making the printer compact and portable also broadens the possibilities for where printer technology can or should be pushed. This truly provokes, challenges, and sparks the imagination; a revolutionary design…literally. Samsung…please build this!" - Christopher Alviar, IDSA, Principal, CG/A

Contact: Kang-il Chung,
Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, Korea

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, Korea and Seoul National University, Korea