Yariv Sade


Yariv Sade
Director of Product Application Engineering, Stratasys

Yariv Sade is an industrial designer, product manager, and entrepreneur with a proven track record of leading successful B2B and B2C product development projects for enterprises and startups.

He is passionate about innovative product design and data-driven design decision processes combined with top-down and bottom-up development methods, in a cross-discipline teamwork environment.

His experience includes being a team leader, public speaker, and lecturer. He is the winner of the world's most prestigious product design awards and the inventor of a half dozen patents.



Business of Design Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Industrial Design Metrics

Many companies find it difficult to quantify product design quality and measure the impact of design on their business. As a result, they tend to base product design decisions mainly on intuition and experience, rather than numbers and data, and design is not well-supported by the management. 

This session illustrates that while measuring design is complicated, it is extremely important. I will share methods and tools (Design ROI, 3D printed CMF models) that you can use to integrate a data-driven design approach, evaluate product design potential, measure design ROI, and advocate the impact of design on business performance. 



Getting It Made Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

From Render to Reality

Have you wanted to take a Keyshot design on the screen and hold it in your hand—feel the texture, look at the color, see if the buttons are soft enough? Now you can. We will review the tools and practices to enhance product design and reduce time-to-market by going from render to CMF prototypes.