David Moinina Sengeh | Design for Good

“What does Design for Good really mean?” asks David Moinina Sengeh, president of Global Minimum, Inc., at the 2015 IDSA International Conference in Seattle. The Harvard University/Massachusetts Institute of Technology-trained biomechatonics engineer has developed patented technology in the design of comfortable prosthetic interfaces; won $200,000 to develop microbial fuel cells from the World Bank; and worked on research to create inhalable vaccines. He is a TED Fellow who’s been honored on Forbes 30 under 30  in Technology and Wired.Co.UK’s Smart List. He’s also a fashion designer and an inspirational music artist.

Now, Sengeh says design has solved problems big and small, but never before has the need been greater to solve complex challenges associated with improving quality of life across the globe. Hear how he’s tackling these issues and making a difference in people’s lives: