Transportation Section - Petition to Establish


Proposal to re-establish IDSA’s Transportation Special Interest Section


Transportation design has long been a core part of the industrial design profession. Thousands of designers specialize and practice in areas of: automobile design, public transit design, train design, airplane interior design, autonomous vehicle design, motorcycle design, bicycle design, boat design, and more. 

Members of IDSA's community have expressed a desire to support the transportation design community better and strengthen the connections within this segment. As a result, this proposal and petition are the first step in the re-establishment of a Transportation Special Interest Section. IDSA hasn’t had a Transportation Section since 2011. If you’d like to see the return of a Transportation Section as an IDSA’s Special Interest Section, please add your name to the petition. If at least 20 active IDSA members sign, the Society’s Board of Directors will review the petition and approve the establishment of the Section by a majority vote.

Special Interest Sections are meant to connect designers who share common interests and also serve as repositories of design knowledge, organized by industry special interests. They help IDSA disseminate information throughout the greater design community and serve as continuing education platforms for professional development.

By completing the petition below, you are stating your support of the establishment of a Transportation Special Interest Section. This open call for responses will remain open from October 7 to November 8, 2019.