Tony Schmidt, IDSA


Tony Schmidt, IDSA, currently serves as the IDSA St. Louis Chapter’s education chair, after previously serving the roles of chapter chair and co-vice chair. “The chapter and IDSA have consistently proven for me a steady stream of opportunities not only through dynamic programming and outreach, but through the amazing people I get to meet within our community who simply love design and continue to find innovative ways to advance our field,” says Schmidt. Throughout his 19-plus year career, Schmidt has worked on a wide variety of design projects entering each at different stages of their development. Design roles have ranged from early master planning/concepts to final design deliverables. field art direction and construction administration.

Since 2011, Schmidt has worked for PGAV Destinations as an exhibit designer with an emphasis on the development of interpretive designs for immersive educational exhibits through entertaining and engaging guest experiences. A capstone project was his involvement as an exhibit designer for the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Previously, he worked as design coordinator and the assistant art director at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2010 as the world’s largest indoor theme park featuring more than 20 state-of-the-art attractions covering 925,000 square feet. On Ferrari World he entered the project at early attraction concepts in 2006—and continued through all phases of design, fabrication oversight and site installation—completing at the grand opening in 2010. The opportunity on Ferrari World proved concept-to-market exposure for the life of attraction development within an international forum of mixed cultures with varied strategies for implementation.

Schmidt earned a master’s degree in set design for the theater from the University of Missouri Kansas City in 1998 and a bachelor’s degree in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1995.


Statement of Candidacy - 2017