Tim Hulford, IDSA


Tim Hulford, IDSA
Portal Industrial Design Manager at Facebook

Tim Hulford is a hands-on designer with a passion for delivering thoughtful, functional and intentional design. His background is deeply rooted in technology, having worked for several of the most innovative companies in the world. Tim's current focus is on human connection and the empowerment of Facebook's network of 3 billion+ people through thoughtful and skillfully crafted hardware products. As design manager at Facebook Portal, his role is to align the strategic vision, culture and growth of the Design organization with the day-to-day tactical execution of Facebook's products. 

Prior to Facebook, Tim worked as Creative Director of Industrial Design at Intuitive Surgical.



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

The State of Medical OEM Design in the Wake of a Pandemic

Medical device design is uniquely collaborative and cross-disciplinary by nature. The pandemic has broken down fundamental conditions on how human beings relate to each other. Join us in this roundtable discussion as three design leaders share their experiences and perspectives on the ways that COVID-19 has changed HOW in-house groups design and WHAT they design in the near future.