Tillman, Shea | Auburn University

Associate Professor
Auburn University

Shea Tillman is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design at Auburn University, teaching in the design foundations program. He currently teaches studios 2D and 3D design principles, product photography and applied design research to graduate students. His research interests include improving the integration of user research in product development, maximizing creative processes within collaborations and developing enhanced patient experiences through environmental and medical device design. Before Auburn, Tillman worked as an industrial designer for Cooper Lighting and Techtronic Industries (Ryobi and Ridgid brands) and as a user researcher for the research and strategy consultancy SonicRim.

Education Symposium Session Title:
Advancing the Teaching/Learning Outcomes of Design Foundations through the use of Pervasive Photography

Teaching design foundation courses can be viewed as a daunting task for faculty trying to balance the sensitivities of art with the problem solving of design. For the past century, photography has been employed as both a medium of art and design exploration as well as a visualization tool to be used in the design process. Recent advances in digital photography and image management software have now given design educators the ability to use pervasive photo-documentation to enhance teaching and learning outcomes in the foundations studio. Executing an exhaustive photo-documentation strategy provides new opportunities for enriching student reflection, evaluating student work, refining assignments and future planning for teaching design principles. This presentation will discuss the significant roles that pervasive photo-documentation has played in transforming both student and faculty experiences within a design foundations course.

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