Theresa Millard

Theresa Millard
Creative Director, TrueNorth Collective

Trained as an artist, Theresa has +30 years in the corporate environment working in Design, Product Development, Manufacturing, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Theresa is a Certified Biomimicry Professional (Biomimicry 3.8 – Montana), BFA - Ceramic Arts (Wolverhampton Polytechnic, UK) and MFA - Ceramic Arts (University Washington, Seattle). In 2005, after exposure to Biomimicry, Theresa realized that she could no longer design “things” without thought to the unintended environmental consequences that we have on the world.

Creative Director of TrueNorth Collective, President of Biomimicry Iberia, mentor to Biomimicry Granada and member of the Biomimicry Global Network, Theresa focuses on new kinds of collaboration for meaningful change.



Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Sustainability Is a Journey—Taking Those First Steps

Design for Sustainability as a critical addition to product development processes is beginning to find a voice within companies. With heavy lifting expected at the earliest stages of a project, Industrial Designers may find it difficult to add the weight of sustainability. For creatives, it can be overwhelming to find the right path.

With this session, we will walk through key tools and methods that we have developed as part of the Design for Sustainability program for a large global manufacturer. We will introduce a systematic structure that is foundational to focusing efforts and decision making for product and process improvement with an environmental lens. We will also host a sharing framework to identify challenges and opportunities from the Industrial Designer point of view.