Teodor Grantcharov, MD

Teodor Grantcharov MD, FACS, PhD
Staff Surgeon, St. Michael’s Hospital
Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto

Teodor Grantcharov, MD, FACS, PhD, is a staff surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital and a professor of surgery at the University of Toronto. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Simulation and Surgical Safety.

Dr. Grantcharov’s area of interest is minimally invasive surgery and patient safety. He developed the surgical black box platform, which aims to transform the safety culture in medicine and introduce modern safety management systems in the high-risk OR environment.

Dr. Grantcharov has more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and multiple presentations in Europe, South and North America. He sits on the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons, numerous committees and on the Editorial Boards of British Journal of Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy.

Surgical Black Box: Using Data to Enhance Human Performance and Improve Patient Safety

Surgeons of today have access to some of the most remarkable equipment that enables them to perform advanced procedures to cure disease and save lives. However, while the equipment has evolved, the safety culture, practice and performance of surgeons has very much remained the same.

Teodor Grantcharov MD, FACS, PhD, staff surgeon and professor of surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto asks, “What if doctors and nurses learned from their mistakes, repeated their successes and became cognizant of near-misses? What if technology could quantify everything in the operating room and helped surgeons reach new levels of performance and that data could be analyzed and shared around the world?”

Dr. Grantcharov introduces the OR Black Box—an innovative technological platform that synchronizes data from every source in the surgical theatre and enables surgeons to review their work, predict patient outcomes and save patient lives. 

IDSA Medical Conference 2018 chair Bryce Rutter discusses speaker Teodor Grantcharov.