Symon Harrah, IDSA

Symon Harrah, IDSA
Creative Leader

As creative leader at GE Appliance's FirstBuild Microfactory, Symon Harrah leads brand development and product definition initiatives. In this role, he guides community design teams through the Co-Creation process which FirstBuild champions, envisioning a future where consumers and manufacturers work together to design and build products, democratizing the entire process. 

A "Sense"ational Cooking Experience

Sight, smell, sound, touch and taste... all work together when preparing, cooking and serving a meal, and are arguably the most important tools in any chef’s toolkit. However, for the blind and visually impaired, cooking without sight presents challenges which can't be solved by just checking in the back of the cookbook! Join in as we tell the story of how a group of CCAD students partnered up with FirstBuild and GE Appliances to tackle the complex problem of accessibility in the kitchen, whipping out a solution which provides a truly "Sense"ational cooking experience for the visually impaired!