Steve Hyma, IDSA

Steve Hyma, IDSA
Industrial Design Lead
Milwaukee Tool

Steve Hyma is the industrial design lead for the Hand Tool Department at Milwaukee Tool.  He received his ID degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

During the past nine years at Milwaukee Tool, Hyma has developed more than 100 products ranging from hand tools and power tools to soft goods and lifestyle products. He uses his passionate energy for design to translate ideas into tangible, useful products.

Constantly looking at the world around him with a unique perspective, Hyma is also a photographer and adventure-driven explorer.

Hands-On with Milwaukee Hand Tools

See inside Milwaukee Tool’s process for designing new to world products. Learn about Milwaukee Tool’s history—identifying key points in time that helped shape the company we know today.

Through the newly launched Cheater Pipe Wrench, learn how the design team discovered unmet user needs through observation and empathy. See the process unfold from a radical wrench concept into a fully functional product that disrupted a stagnant plumbing category. Get hands-on with product demos to experience the innovation with Steve Hyma, industrial design lead.