Sheng-Hung Lee, I/IDSA

Sheng-Hung Lee, I/IDSA
Creative Director + Engineer, Sheng-Hung Lee Design
Adjunct Associate Professor, Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Adjunct Associate Professor, Detao Masters Academy

Sheng-Hung Lee, I/IDSA, is a designer, maker and educator inspired by multiple domains of knowledge and perspectives, thriving on creating new value for clients in multi-disciplinary teams. Trained as an industrial designer and electrical engineer, Lee works for prestigious design consultancies. His approach to problem solving is influenced by his passion for how design and technology are integrated intoand impactsociety.

Lee worked with clients including Bank of China, EF (English First) and Rubbermaid to redesign their services and user experiences. He also worked as a researcher at the National Science Council in Taiwan and is a member of the Taiwan Society of Technology and Sociology, Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society and China Technical Consultants, Inc.

Lee holds a double bachelor’s degree with honors in industrial design and electrical engineering from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. His work, including the latest, TetraPOT—a natural, green and sustainable sea defense system—won an IDSA International Design Excellence Award 2016 Gold in Environments; Braun Prize; Core77 Design Award; Red Dot Award (Best of the Best); iF Design Award, Spark Design Award and James Dyson Foundaiton award.

"IDEA is definitely one of the best platforms to share great design work,” he says. “The most important thing is to have the right mindset—love your design first and firmly believe that your work can change the world no matter if it’s on a big or small scale. Keep asking yourself at the very beginning, ‘What’s my design intention? How can my design can benefit someone? What’s the social impact it can make?’”

He says IDEA is “not just a world famous design award. It’s a platform that can really help individual designers, design studios or corporations with great vision raise their voice and promote their designs. IDEA gave TetraPOT global exposure and opened the doors to conversations with governments and non-profit organizations in the world.”

Lee is creative director and engineer, Sheng-Hung Lee Design; adjunct associate professor, Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art; and adjunct associate professor, Detao Masters Academy.