Shawn Egan, IDSA Statement of Candidacy 2018

Just like you I want to understand how best to adjust to the rapidly changing global economy, design, manufacturing and collaborative environment we all must work within today. I became involved with IDSA just after college and was recently asked to support the position of Midwest District Chapter Representative. I work full time for a leading manufacturer of vacuums, teach NPD (new product development) at SIUC and consult when I have extra time. I believe it is important to continue learning and to stay relevant in design, manufacturing, tools to communicate and protect intellectual property.

I have handled both US and international consumer projects for several well-known companies including Whirlpool, Electrolux, Contico and Crane Merchandising.  Intellectual property is a passion and I enjoy helping others understand how to protect and promote ideas. I am at a point in my career where I can give back and share key learnings with others. I continue to provide counsel to all of my students at SIUC on portfolios, interviewing for their first jobs, IP, CAD, project management and rendering programs.

After attending the IDC 2018 and board meeting I understand how I can help grow and promote IDSA within our district and university programs. IDSA has many services which can help both students and working professionals. I know that we can accomplish wonderful things together for IDSA and our region.