Shawn Egan, IDSA

Shawn Egan, IDSA
Lead Engineer/Innovation
Tacony Corp.

Shawn Egan became involved with IDSA back in the 1990s and was recently asked to support the position of IDSA Midwest District Chapter Representative. He currently works as lead engineer/innovation for Tacony Corp., a leading manufacturer of vacuums and sewing equipment. He has handled both US and international consumer projects for several well-known companies including Whirlpool, Electrolux, Contico and Crane Merchandising.

Egan has worked with engineering teams in the development of some of the most complex consumer products including refrigerators, vending and vacuum machines. He also teaches new product development at SIUC and enjoys giving back by providing counsel to several of his students on portfolios, interviewing for their first jobs, IP, CAD, project management and rendering programs. Outside of work, he enjoys being involved in ice hockey including coaching and played Division 1 for Kent State for four years. Egan has been married for 30 plus years and has raised four children. 

Statement of Candidacy