Seth GaleWyrick

Seth GaleWyrick
Senior Mechanical Engineer and Sustainable Design Specialist

As the leader of Bresslergroup’s sustainability efforts, GaleWyrick helps clients understand how their decisions—both large and small—impact the global ecosystem.

His projects have won numerous patents and awards, and he writes and presents regularly on sustainability issues in product development. In addition to his 14 years of consulting experience, GaleWyrick is a student in the first ever master’s in biomimicry program at Arizona State University.

He was also chosen for a prestigious two-year professional fellowship taught by the founders of the field. He enjoys introducing the topic to new audiences.

Biomimicry for Innovation: Good for Business & Good for the Planet 

Designers frequently overlook their greatest opportunities for innovation. They exist all around us—in the sky, in the water, beneath our feet. Life contains many of the missing pieces needed to inspire boundary-breaking design.

Biomimicry—an emerging field that studies how to adapt and employ the successful forms, processes and blueprints of biological systems—contains the keys to unlocking that innovation. Elegant solutions have been evolving throughout 3.8 billion years of research and development (R&D)—if we just learn to ask the right questions and listen to the answers. 

Seth GaleWyrick of Bresslergroup will outline basic concepts of biomimicry and show how, combined with innovation principles rooted in ID, the approach solves complex design challenges and produces successful products.