Sean Carney

Sean Carney
Chief Design Officer and Head of Healthcare Transformation Services

Sean Carney’s personal mission is to improve lives through meaningful, relevant design. He's positioned to do so as the chief design officer for Philips—leading a team of 400+ to create empathic and data-connected solutions that support the goal of improving the lives of three billion people a year by 2025. The team’s success is recognized by the 158 top design awards it won in 25 key global design competitions in 2016.

Carney also leads Philips’ Healthcare Transformation Services business, providing consulting services to improve patient outcomes and the operational and financial performance of hospitals and health systems.

Putting People at the Center of Healthcare

Healthcare costs are out of control. In a world where chronic disease management accounts for 70 percent of all healthcare costs—and five percent of the sickest patients account for 50 percent of the costs—we spend too much of our resources on fixing things after they’ve gone wrong.

It is time to look beyond sick care and take a holistic, people-centered approach to health. The healthcare industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Chief Design Officer Sean Carney will show how Philips is using design thinking to put people, patients, their families and the clinicians who provide their care—at the center of care.