Ryan Eder, IDSA

Ryan Eder, IDSA
Founder & CEO

Ryan Eder, IDSA, is founder & CEO of IncludeFitness, a digital health platform providing technology to improve outcomes while lowering costs. He is an internationally-awarded product designer with more than 10 years of experience in the sporting goods, medical, housewares, industrial and consumer electronics industries.

At the University of Cincinnati in 2006, Eder witnessed a man in a wheelchair struggle while working out. This inspired a concept for an inclusive fitness platform as Eder’s senior thesis. A year later, that concept won Gold, Best in Show and People’s Choice in IDSA’s International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Eder spent nearly a decade raising millions of dollars to expand his technology, build his company and transform the delivery of fitness and rehabilitation. In 2016, The Access Strength scored a triple win again in IDEA.

From Thesis to CEO

Ryan Eder, IDSA, of IncludeFitness, will dive into the decade-long journey of growing a senior thesis into a venture-backed company. He will share many of the hard lessons learned and key insights to bring his vision to life—earning multiple International Excellence Design Awards (IDEAs) along the way.