Richard Griffith, MD

Richard Griffith, MD
Fmr. Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Albany Medical Center, NY
Fmr. Medical Director, Becton Dickinson

Dr. Griffith earned a bachelor’s degree in physics and a doctorate in electrical engineering before attending medical school. He did funded research for two years following medical school before completing a residency in anesthesiology. He has practiced medicine in Maryland and at the Albany Medical Center. For a decade he was a corporate medical director for Becton-Dickinson. When he retired five years ago, he asked IDSA Board member Sean Hägen for help in preventing errors in-hospital patient care. The IDSA Board's willingness to involve the design community in the Patient Safety movement lead to this presentation.



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

ID’s Role in Remodeling Healthcare Delivery for 2040

Medical Science needs industrial designers over the next two decades in ways it has not yet appreciated. The Industrial Design community holds the skills essential for medical practitioners to remain emotionally bonded with their patients in settings that (1) eliminate all mistakes in delivering more complex therapy, and (2) exploit expected advances in specialized and general artificial intelligence.

In this session, we will discuss specific issues requiring the ethnographic scrutiny of designers to create novel workflows that accurately detect illness and injury even before patients have symptoms. We want to imagine work processes that adjust advanced treatments to individual patient needs with ultra-high reliability. Moreover, we want to enhance the tradition of human touch and kindness that is so crucial for the healthcare delivery that humans demand. Getting to this vision of the future will require new connections and imaginative conversations.