Randy Hunt

Randy Hunt
VP of Design
Formerly of Etsy

Randy Hunt was VP of design at Etsy, where he led a team of designers, researchers, writers and artists for 7.5 years to define and create Etsy’s total brand experience. Hunt is also the author of Product Design for the Web, which explores the evolving discipline of product design for today’s connected world. In 2014, Etsy was honored with the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement.

Since Etsy’s founding in Brooklyn in 2005, the company has been the engine of economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs around the globe through its markets and services. Today, Etsy supports more than 1.7 million shops in nearly every country, and in 2016 alone, these shops sold more than $2.84 billion of merchandise.

We can make anything. What will we make?

We’re a creative species. It’s what has kept us alive and allowed us to invent some pretty amazing things. We’ve also created a pretty complex world with complex demands. The need for design—especially design that emphasizes the humane—is unprecedented. Setting his perspective in historical and contemporary contexts, Etsy's former VP of Design Randy Hunt will look at the modern designer’s opportunity and responsibility.