Saturday | 3:00–3:45 | Preparing the Next Generation of Designers for Healthcare

Moderator: David Cowan, IDSA

Preparing the next generation of designers for healthcare is a joy and a challenge. We are always seeking ideas, support and partnerships with designers, healthcare providers and system/device manufacturers to improve our teaching approach and to make the design world real and practical for our students.

David Cowan, IDSA, will moderate panelists MaryBeth Privitera, PhD, IDSA, of the University of Cincinnati and Shea Tillman, IDSA, AIGA, of Auburn University, who will explore the interesting initiatives, projects and methods they are using in preparing students for design in the health and wellness space.

Topics will include successful collaborations with providers and designers; challenges in providing primary research opportunities; research methods used to support evidence-based design; and design and testing of hospital labs.