Paul Hatch, IDSA


Paul Hatch, IDSA
TEAMS Design

Paul Hatch, IDSA, is president of TEAMS Design’s Chicago branch, which he opened in 1998. TEAMS Design has five branches with 100 industrial designers and has received more than 1,000 design awards. The firm is known for designing entire product lines for its clients and creating visual brand languages that help reposition brands.

In 2013, Hatch chaired the IDSA International Conference in Chicago: Breaking The Rules.  He also chaired the regional Midwest District Design Conferences from 2004-2006. Together with Deana McDonagh, he was responsible for creating the IDSA books Impact, the Synergy of Technology, Business and Design and REALIZE–Design Means Business in 2005 and 2006.

In 2014, Hatch co-founded the non-profit organization Design House to revitalize local manufacture through design. He’s also known for founding and running an extreme debate event called Fight Club, which the New York Times calls “A Designer Slugfest.”

In April 2009, Hatch was the third design professional ever to be awarded the IDSA Midwest Honors for Outstanding Achievement, and in 2013 received the Extreme Volunteerism Award from IDSA. Hatch holds more than two dozen patents and has won just as many awards.

The ID-IoT

What role should ID play in the vastly growing area of Internet of Things?  The tech world is already swarming around connected products, adding sensors and connectivity to everyday products to amass tons of data. Companies are undergoing digital transformation in what seems to be the new gold rush, now considered the fourth industrial revolution. Paul Hatch will speak about the role industrial designer can take to help evolve this tech-driven segment into one that is more human-centered and how to be an Industrial Designer of Internet of Things… or ID-IoT!