Patricia Miller


Patricia Miller
Matrix 4

Patricia Miller is the CEO and owner of Matrix 4, a design and manufacturing house in Woodstock, IL that supports makers of all sizes across several phases in one house: design, engineer, tool and plastic injection mold, and FDM 3D printing manufacturing. Read more in Plastics News: Women in Plastics.

Previously, Miller was a marketing executive with Halozyme Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company commercializing new products that target the extracellular matrix for diabetes, autoimunne diseases, oncology, and dermatology. She was responsible for marketing strategy, business development, and profit and loss across the company’s proprietary and partnered programs.

Miller worked with Eli Lilly on strategic major-market product launches in the United States and globally in the publications Neuroscience, Diabetes, and Men's Health. 



Sustainability Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Presentation: A Case Study – Matrix4 Year 1, Design + Manufacturing

In January 2019, design and manufacturing married to create one M4 Design Studio + Manufacturing Factory House. Reveling in the heart of the machine and what factory culture could be, we curated a dynamic and eclectic team to freely mix disciplines. We believed in the value of design and that it should not be left on the factory’s cutting room floor. We would utilize the creative playground of the M4 House to re-inspire a sense of exploration and push for more out of materials and innovation. We would remember along the way that Mother Earth should be protected, and that we are in the driver’s seat to take conscious action and nurture the positive use of raw materials and resins. We also believed that “cheap plastic” was not what we wanted to stand for when #makemeaningfully is our mantra.