Parrish Hanna

Parrish Hanna   

Parrish Hanna is the founder of movotiv, a company born of his desire to accelerate the evolution of automotive and mobility system design. Founded in February of 2018, movotiv focuses on emotional product, service and system design consulting and collaboration. Previously, Hanna served as the global director of UX - interaction & ergonomics, including human-machine interface, at Ford Motor Co. He has held similar design strategy positions at Motorola and Samsung; has led digital strategy for a large media holding company; and co-founded and managed the industry’s first user experience firm, HannaHodge.

Contemporary Vehicle, System & Experience Design Challenges

Work done by human-machine interface (HMI) professionals, designers and user experience (UX) professionals in the Midwest, particularly Detroit, Chicago and Columbus, is charting the course of future products, services and systems in the automotive and mobility industries. The design strategies being conceptualized, modeled, tested and implemented cover a wide range of topics like next-generation component and interior design of all vehicle types, electrification, service integration, connectivity, digital strategy, driver assistance, smart systems, autonomy and more. These teams are also defining the path of process and mindset change as the auto industry adapts human-centered design principles and techniques. In his session, Parrish will provide an overview of the design challenges on the horizon and discuss the roles, expertise, tools, methods and techniques of automotive and mobility design practitioners using some real-world examples.