Northern Lakes

IDSA's Northern Lakes Chapter covers a broad geographical area with metropolitan centers in SE and Central Wisconsin as well as Eastern Minnesota. To build chapters large enough to be effective, IDSA members residing in Minnesota and Wisconsin have been welcomed into the Northern Lakes chapter and events are planned with this in mind.

Our chapter supports the professional development and networking needs of a broad range of design specialties, employers, and industries including manufacturers and consultants in medical, sporting goods, consumer electronics, heavy equipment, tools, and housewares.  All that plus four real seasons as well!

IDSA Northern Lakes's goal is to complement IDSA National’s larger-scale productions with grassroots level interactive events distributed by locale and appeal.  We are in the position to connect our members on a more personal level and address their unique needs and interests in a way only a local face can.  In addition to bridging the gap between local and national efforts, we strive to maintain an appreciable balance between social, workshop, lecture, skills development and charity events.

Your chapter, IDSA Northern Lakes, is capable of doing a fantastic job of putting you in touch with designers outside of your current focus, place of employment or skill level but, only if you actively participate.  Inspire others while they inspire you and help build an active design-driven community in the process!

If you have questions, would like to share information with the community or have ideas for events and activities, please let us know by writing to

Northern Lakes News & Events


Lauren Dern, IDSA, Chair
Miranda Degg, IDSA, Vice Chair - Madison
Hans Nielsen, IDSA, Vice Chair - Milwaukee
Gabriel Ruegg, IDSA, Vice Chair - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Kent Solberg, IDSA, Outreach Chair
Sara Pedersen, IDSA, Event Coordinator