Taking the Risk out of Innovation

IDSA Member Blogs on Core77 on the End of Product Failure

May 18 2015 - 9:45am

“The arrival of improved sensing, processing and prototyping technologies helped usher in the smartphone era and the new DIY economy…. Three technologies in particular could transform not just how we design but how we make the decisions that tell us what to design. Properly applied, they could spell the end of failed consumer products.” —Chris Murray, IDSA, director of industrial design at Bresslergroup

IDSA member Chris Murray blogs on core77.com, “One of the great frustrations of product design is that the longer you spend perfecting something, the less you're able to accurately evaluate how it will be received. An objective, digital ‘observer’ could let us look with eyes unclouded by familiarity at thousands of target users.”

Murray has nearly 30 years of experience managing projects for design agencies and large corporations including Black & Decker and Philips Electronics. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in industrial design from the Central School of Art & Design in London.

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