Grace Reviews SDDC Panels at NPE2015

IDSA Affiliate Member's Articles Appear in Prospector

Apr 10 2015 - 3:30pm

The latest articles from IDSA Affiliate Member Robert Grace have been posted in a key publication.

Grace reviews the two sessions that were offered free to attendees of the South District Design Conference 2015 in Orlando: "How to Talk Designer" sponsored by PolyOne and "Designing the Future: How Materials Can Change the World" sponsored by SABIC.

Grace moderated the first panel, featuring Augusto Picozza, IDSA, Chris Bray, David Kusuma, FIDSA, Marco Perry, IDSA, Kevin Shinn, IDSA and Mark Dziersk, FIDSA. "Design. Engineering. Marketing. Together they comprise the three legs of the proverbial product-development stool. Remove one, and the project is likely to teeter and fall," writes Grace. "Good communication and collaboration between these disciplines is vital to delivering the types of products and user experiences necessary to succeed with today’s demanding customers and consumers. And yet these links often fray, if not break, resulting in cost overruns, launch delays and unseemly compromises in the appearance or function of the final product." Read more in Prospector.

The second panel was moderated by Gaylon White, H/IDSA, and featured Kara Johnson, Diane Turnwall, Kiersten Muenchinger, IDSA, David Saltman and Tobias Schultz. Sustainability will only continue to increase as a key materials-choice factor going forward, as brand owners, product developers and designers aim to satisfy customer wishes while minimizing the environmental impacts associated with making such goods," Grace writes. Read more in Prospector.