Pattie Moore, FIDSA, Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Pattie Moore, FIDSA
Feb 7 2022 - 8:42am


Patricia Moore, FIDSA, and Jonathan Disley, Vice President of Volvo Design have been awarded Honorary Doctorates from the UK’s Sheffield-Hallam University.

Known as a "pioneer of inclusive design," Pattie Moore is credited as one of the founders of Universal Design. Her work has inspired generations of designers to rethink how products and services can be designed to meet the needs of the widest range of consumers possible.
Jonathan Disley leads a global design team creating innovative solutions for a sustainable future with the challenges of electrification and user autonomy.
Professor Claire Craig, Co-Director of Sheffield’s Lab 4 Living, describes Pattie as “a trailblazing pioneer, transforming the lives of people across the world with her bold vision for inclusivity by Design.” 
In congratulating the graduating class, Pattie shared, “I am confident that as the protectors and providers of our future life’s quality you will not only meet, but exceed, what is expected in a world where we welcome the creative delivery of dignity and equity for all.”
Pattie will be visiting the Lab later this year to promote their on-going research initiative, Re-Imagining Ageing.