A New Domestic Landscape

Jun 20 2017 - 3:23pm

IDSA Member Scott Klinker is among the Cranbrook Academy of Art alumus whose work is being highlighted in a new show at the school that runs through early next year. "Cranbrook has a tradition of experimentation that dates back to years of Eames, Saarinen, Bertoia and Knoll,” says Cranbrook's 3D designer-in-residence. "Today, that spirit is expressed in exploring new materials and processes, while rethinking the connections among design, art and craft."

“Cranbrook: A New Domestic Landscape” features 3D design, architecture, ceramics and metalsmithing by two dozen Cranbrook graduates and artists-in-residence. "This exhibition highlights a new generation of Cranbrook designers who are not afraid to question our assumptions about form and function. Even as an educator, I consider myself to be a part of this new generation, so I’m honored that my work is included with this inspiring group of emerging Cranbrook designers," Klinker tells IDSA.

The exhibition takes its title from the landmark exhibition, "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape," curated by Emilio Ambasz in 1972 for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

(Left: photo of Scott Kilnker, IDSA, with student, courtesy of Clare Gatto. Right: Scott Klinker's Lightforms, as exhibited.)