Member Spotlight: Sofia von Hauske, IDSA

Jun 30 2022 - 5:09pm


Sofia von Hauske, IDSA, an industrial designer at Friends of, recently partnered with the toy store CAMP to help with their first Disney collaboration. Sofia led the project from ideation all the way to manufacturing.

Says Sofia about the work:

"We were involved in designing several pieces of the experience, and it finally opened in NYC! We designed a shrink ray that Goofy confuses as a camera and uses to accidentally shrink the campers. This shrink ray exists as part of the animation, as a room in the experience and as a model at the end of it.

We also designed 'transponders,' which allow the counselors to communicate with Gyro Gearloose, who is helping the campers go back to their normal size. We designed microchips that kids find along the experience to fix the shrink ray.

Lastly, we designed the shrink ray bag which is used to hold both the transponder and the microchips."

Get in contact with Sofia via email at sofiavonhauske [at] gmail [dot] com