Learning From Design!

ChildArt Magazine Issue Focuses on Several IDSA Members

Feb 22 2017 - 5:18pm

"For creative thinkers to become good innovators, they must first understand people."
--Mauro Porcini, IDSA, chief design officer, PepsiCo

The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), in partnership with the Design Learning Network (DLN), has published an edition of ChildArt magazine featuring articles on several IDSA members. Click here to view.

They are Ayse Birsel, IDSA Board of Directors' member and chair of IDSA's Northeast District Design Conference 2017; John Edson, IDSA; Paul Hatch, IDSA Board of Directors' member; Megan Neese, IDSA Board of Directors' Chair-Elect; Mauro Porcini, IDSA; and Arnold Wasserman, IDSA.

Also featured are Peter Scupelli, IDSA Education Symposium 2016 speaker and Carnegie Mellon University assistant professor; and Debbie Millman, author of Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits.

The primary purpose of the issue is "to engage you in compelling topics about the discipline of design, along with inspiring you to become confident and creative problem-solvers, act as purposeful makers, take ownership of your learning and make mindful choices," says Doris Wells-Papanek, MEd, IDSA, the director of Design Learning Network and guest editor of this issue. "Eight amazing designers responded to tough interview questions as visionaries, innovators and creative problem-solvers."

The designers share personal stories about their mentors, accomplishments and challenges and offer "sage advice for young, 21st century, creative problem-solvers!" she adds.