Innovative Venture

Dec 7 2017 - 11:06am

Stephanie Battista, IDSA, has launched Humanity Innovation Labs (HIL) in Portland, OR. “What makes us unique is that we’re focused on R+D and IP for preventive health systems in wearables,” says Battista, who brings 15 year of experience to the new venture.

Battista says HIL is working with several government entities such as NASA, Department of Defense and National Science Foundation; universities such as Oregon State and University of Portland; and companies such as AMA Studios to leverage expertise and obtain funding for exploratory research in human health and monitoring.

"Our efforts will lead to translating human exploratory research into innovative strategies for software and hardware for wearable products and services that can be commercialized and impact health and wellness within the non-regulated consumer devices," says Battista. "HIL is incorporating cutting edge mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and data science into our solutions."

Battista designed and developed consumer proof-of-concepts and compelling-use cases in wearable devices from a consultancy perspective for more than 15 years. Now, she's created HIL to leverage expertise and research opportunities in the wearable health industry. "We're focused on the integration of physiological and psychological data to influence micro adjustments in a person's behavior for optimal performance in an individual’s health," she explains.