IDSA Members Weigh in on Housewares Designs

Feb 1 2018 - 12:01pm


It's design season, and that means IDSA members across the country are taking part in a variety of industrial design specialties and competitions. The latest example comes from the 13th annual Housewares Design Awards, presented Jan. 30, 2018 in Las Vegas by HomeWorld Business, in which IDSA members Jason Belaire, Cyan Godfrey and Max Burton participated as judges.

In videos produced while the judging was taking place—Belaire, Godfrey and Burton gave their take on what inspires them and what they look for in design excellence. Their thoughtful responses cover inclusiveness, user experience, creativity, observation and more.


Jason Belaire, IDSA Cyan Godfrey, IDSA Max Burton, IDSA

"Inspiration for me, comes from
the opportunity to collaborate."

Watch Jason's video

"Inspiration comes from
observing people.

Watch Cyan's video

"Inspiration comes from research,
understanding and pure creativity."

Watch Max's video

We love seeing IDSA members sharing their passion for great design with the world and being asked to judge competitions like this every year. It's proof that our community and industry are thriving!

Curious who won?

2018 Housewares Design Awards Winners