Looking Ahead at Retro Design

IDSA Member and IDEA Winner Yves Béhar Speaks Out

Jun 16 2017 - 12:43pm

IDSA Member Yves Béhar is lauded in a new article for "forging the path on a return of retro-inspired products—a return of analog in our increasingly digital world." The founder and principal designer of fuseproject tells PFSK, “The era of digital technology has created a sense of ubiquity and banality; there is an experience that comes with playing a record or developing a photo that gets lost in our now instantaneous world. More people have the patience and desire for craft, and want to re-learn the skills to create a unique piece of work."

Béhar is a former INNOVATION magazine contributor, and multiple International Design Excellence Award winner. In fact, in IDEA 2015 alone, Béhar and fuseproject won five IDEAs, including Gold for MultipliCITY, Silver for August Smart Lock and three more IDEAs for Edyn Garden Sensor in three different IDEA categories.

Béhar says while he still thinks we should move ahead with technology, there will be a "stronger desire to celebrate these more tactile, hands-on experiences." Read more.