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JD Albert Takes a Closer Look at Hackathons

Jan 28 2015 - 1:23pm

JD Albert, IDSA, director of engineering at Bresslergroup, blogs on “Not Just for Coders: Hackathons for Hardware Innovation” in the January 2015 Wired. “As someone who does product development professionally, the hackathon intrigued me as a method of innovation…. What could a group of strangers accomplish in a couple of days? What would we be able to build without the ability to have things fabricated except with what was on hand?” Find out on

Albert spoke on “Be a Critical Champion: How to Help Startups Figure out What's Important” at last year's IDSA's Northeast District Design Conference in New York City. Right out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he co-founded E Ink. Now at Bresslergroup, he oversees the growing, world-class engineering department and directs engineering-led client work. He has been granted more than 50 patents and is frequently called on to speak and write about product development in entrepreneurial settings. He has presented at SEGD, Intersolar, Wharton and Harvard Business School.