Eye on Design

A Closer Look at a Lifetime IDSA Member who Crafted Iconic Looks

Feb 4 2015 - 5:35pm

Dwell.com is focusing on a New York City designer who's been an IDSA member since 1978. Lucia DeRepinis, L/IDSA, was one of the first students at the Pratt Institute to earn a bachelor's degree in industrial design in 1952. She was one of only six women in a class of 106 men.

DeRepinis has designed everything from furniture and rugs, to appliances and television news sets.

Among her most iconic works: in 1957, she designed the Eye Clock for George Nelson Associates, and in 1975, she selected the color scheme and typeface for the legendary, orange-and-pink, Dunkin' Donuts branding for Sandgren & Murtha.

Now, at the age of 87, she continues to teach courses at Pratt in Brooklyn, NY, passing on a lifetime of knowledge. "I take a familiar figure, then use abstraction to develop a way of looking at the figure other than how you're used to," she tells dwell.com.