Dream Come True

IDSA Board Chair Makes a Major Announcement about his Legendary Firm, an IDSA Ambassador

Oct 28 2015 - 3:37pm

The 90-year-old design consultancy TEAGUE has decided to go all in with the travel industry, and as FastCo Design declares, “ride the winds of change and specialize.”

"For me, my dreams are coming true," John Barratt, IDSA Board of Directors Chair, and President and CEO of TEAGUE, tells FastCo Design. "We’re not going to be a generalized design consulting firm. We’re going to be specialized in this domain at an intersection of travel and technology." TEAGUE has designed Boeing airline interiors since 1946.

TEAGUE’s Munich office will close, all work will be consolidated to Seattle and TEAGUE will operate with a new focus. The firm has increased its staff by 20 percent in the last year, and some of the Munich team will be offered the option to move to Seattle.

"We know the travel industry’s growth is going to outgrow global economic growth,” Barratt tells writer Mark Wilson. “It’s growing faster than the rest of the economy…. They’re desperately looking for differentiation. We know they’ll increasingly be looking toward technology to offer that differentiation."

TEAGUE, which has been named an IDSA Ambassador, recently unveiled Poppi, a radical new concept for airline design. And the sky’s not the limit in the future. "We’ve got clients in space travel, looking at space tourism. If ever there’s been a place where travel and tech need to come together, it’s in that."

Founded in 1926 by the man hailed as the “dean of industrial design,” Walter Dorwin Teague, FIDSA, TEAGUE’s portfolio spans many firsts: the Polaroid camera, the UPS truck, the Texaco service station, the Pringles canister and the Xbox.

"My ambition is not to have a number of offices doing pretty good work in a number of different industries,” Barratt says. “My ambition is to make TEAGUE a fabulous firm, a leader forging new futures, challenging the status quo. I believe firmly, to be that leader, you have to focus."