Disrupting Design

IDSA Member’s Firm Signs “Groundbreaking” Partnership

Nov 10 2016 - 12:27pm

The design firm founded by Srini Srinivasan, IDSA—who's a member of the International Council of Societies of Design (Icsid) Board of Directors—is widening its global reach.

LUMIUM DESIGN, Inc. will offer product design and manufacturing solutions to clients in Japan and Southeast Asia via Aamilia Japan, GK. The partnership agreement was signed in October 2016 at the Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Expo in Osaka, Japan. “Lumium’s enriched product design expertise from the Silicon Valley has been brought to Japan in a groundbreaking partnership that will disrupt the traditional design model to help clients achieve competitiveness,” says Srinivasan.

LUMIUM and Aamilia will develop holistic design solutions and products for end users in consumer electronics; medical and healthcare; retail; industrial; security and surveillance; mobile services; and education and business services. Primary services will include industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics design and manufacturing with group companies in India. Testing and quality assurance also will be offered.

“We’ve been exploring ways to work together for a year and we’ve found a way to collaborate and I’m confident this partnership will enable both the companies to grow together to meet the ever increasing design challenges in the market,” says Tameyasu Anayama, CEO of Aamilia Japan.

LUMIUM has been providing product design services to global clients for more than 10 years.