Designing Connections

Jun 20 2017 - 9:39am

"Such an inspiring interview, to listen to one of the best female #designer / design #leader," posts Airgora on social media after its interview with Qin Li, IDSA, the IDSA Board member overseeing IDSA's International Design Excellence Awards.

Li, the director of industrial design at fuseproject, shares her journey to design—from China to the United States—with inspiration along the way from IDSA's INNOVATION magazine. “I wanted to design the connections between objects and humans," she says.

"At fuseproject, she pushes the many teams that work on a product—UX/UI, ID, engineering, branding—to come together and create a unified experience, one in which the product truly enhances a person’s life. By creating products that are both inclusive and enhancing, she believes designers can help connect objects to humans in a meaningful way," reports Airgora. Read more and see the intriguing images.