IDSA Ambassador 3M Design Collaborates on Urban Tree Lounge

May 27 2016 - 9:04am

IDSA Ambassador 3M Design takes root at Milan Design Week 2016—at the intersection of design, architecture and sustainability. 3M Design has collaborated with Stefano Boeri Architetti to create the Urban Tree Lounge. “We aim to elevate awareness of the integral role design plays in creating thoughtful solutions in the area of sustainability,” 3M Chief Design Officer Eric Quint, IDSA, tells Design Boom.

Quint says the lounge provides "an opportunity to experience magic moments of inspiration and reflection." He adds, "With shared passion for sustainability and vision to make life better, we invite visitors to escape their busy itineraries to relax in a 'nest' of kaleidoscopic wonder."

The Urban Tree Lounge incorporates 3M materials including films, nonwovens and adhesives to create an experience where light dances; thoughts reflect; and minds (and mobile devices) recharge. "Milan is such a vibrant city and international hub for creativity during design week," says Quint. "So it’s important for 3M to be here and connect with designers, thought leaders and influencers in the creative community."

"It’s been amazing to work with the 3M Design team," Boeri tells Design Boom. "Thanks to an energizing exchange of ideas, we were able to achieve the goal of creating a conceptual tree that, like an organic one, absorbs, filters and mirrors the sunlight to create a shadow to reflect and recharge. It’s my hope that this prototype can influence creative approach to design in public spaces" Read more.