Dedication to Design

IDSA Life Member Honored by Auburn

Oct 12 2016 - 11:00am

An IDSA life member is marking more than three decades of service on the Design Advisory Council at the School of Industrial and Graphic Design (SIGD) in Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC). David CF Stoddard, L/IDSA, is an Auburn alumnus who has made his own mark on ID, and has helped countless young designers at his alma mater succeed. "I have enjoyed my colleagues, the faculty and staff and especially the interaction with students," says Stoddard. "Sometimes the message from professionals is not fully understood, but hopefully something will click later on."

“The continuity and breadth of interest David CF Stoddard has invested in Auburn's ID program, now SIGD, brings substance and credibility to his insight and current participation in the council,” says Professor Clark Lundell, IDSA, head of SIGD. “His passion for both the school and Auburn is a legacy carried on by his son.”

In the fall of 2016, a dinner was held in Stoddard's honor at the Hotel at Auburn niversity, hosted by CADC Dean Vini Nathan.

Stoddard guest lectured at Design Interaction, and has been a class lecturer on “Professional Practice” at Auburn and at Georgia Tech. He also has been an invited juror at the IDSA Student Merit Awards and Portfolio Reviews at Auburn and Georgia Tech. "The individual portfolio reviews were always meaningful and rewarding, as well as being a platform for recruitment. I appreciate a student seeking further information and hope that I may offer some enlightenment." Stoddard was honored with the 2001-2002 Distinguished Service Award by Auburn's Department of Industrial Design.

“Dave Stoddard is an impressive designer and I consider him a good friend," says Jim Boitz, IDSA. "I first met Dave in 1967 while we were in the US Army and I remember being impressed even back then with his great rendering ability.”

Stoddard credits his Auburn education for giving him the skills and processes to realize that obstacles can be surmounted by planning and execution, perseverance, force of will and sometimes good fortune. Creativity runs in the family. Stoddard's father was an architect who worked in aircraft design; his mother was an artist; his late wife, who also attended Auburn, was an artist, interior designer and architectural renderer; and their son, also named David, is an industrial designer and fellow Auburn alum who also serves on the Design Advisory Council.

"In the 53 years of my career, many projects stand out, but notable were some 2,000 projects for the Coca Cola Company, as well as 7-Eleven, and many major retailers," says Stoddard. "In 1995, a project for Coca Cola Japan was chosen as International Display of the Year by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI)." Stoddard also has been awarded 33 patents. Currently, he's designing a convenience store industry merchandising system, which is being developed by his colleagues at Performance Display Group.