Welcome to the New IDSA.org


Nov 23 2015 - 12:06pm

IDSA holds a unique place in the design community. In a free-market society, design thrives because consumers have choice – and choice drives innovation and excellence. However, there has to be an independent forum for practitioners to discuss and improve their craft while resolving the pressing issues in their field. This is the basis of an association in the United States and it is this simple notion that is rooted in the first amendment of our constitution and our right to free assembly. As such, the law dictates that our association elects, from the membership of designers across the globe, a Chair and a Board who will accept fiduciary duty and responsibility for the long-term strategic direction of the society. IDSA is not a private awards company, media company, or even a for-profit conferences and events company. It is simply you. Even the largest single sponsor to IDSA makes up only a tiniest fraction of the operating budget. The society is truly a not-for-profit association of designers, built by designers, for designers. We are dedicated to promoting the practice, awareness, and value of good design in business and in society.

I am constantly impressed with the dedication, focus, and commitment of my fellow board members. One of responsibilities of the elected members of our board was to interview and hire an Executive Director, who would build a world-class staff and aid in our mission. Building a premiere staff also ensured that continuity is established between incoming and outgoing boards and that progress and momentum are maintained. I am grateful to members who served with me on the search committee in recruiting and hiring Dan Martinage as our Executive Director less than two years ago. Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Daniel and the excellent staff that he has built. I can honestly say that working with all of these fine people has been a constant source of inspiration to me. The result has been an extraordinarily productive couple of years consisting of record-breaking conferences, year after year of fiscal responsibility resulting in a stable financial platform, and the successful launch of the first of our new specialized conferences just a few weeks ago in Florida.

However, several of you have also reminded me that we promised a new website during my term as Chair of the Society. You’ve held our feet to the fire and I am proud to say that we have accomplished this goal in what you see before you. This site is the result of a massive effort by the board, the staff, our partners New Target and Member Suite, and the website committee. Joining me on the committee are Megan Neese, IDSA, Surya Vanka, IDSA and Ken Musgrave, IDSA. The emphasis of the website, you will note, is rightly back on the product and you—the design community. As we roll the site out, you will find we've restructured the interaction and organization to make the site more functional, more useful, and more interactive. It's also more beautiful, and we are proud of it.

As we conduct the full rollout, let us know if you encounter a difficulty, so that we can address it. This project reflects on all of us in the community of practice, so let's all participate in its success.

Thanks for being a part of it.

Charles Austen Angell
Chair, IDSA 
CEO, Modern Edge
Twitter: @austenangell 


I just shared the new link with the Purina Design Team and they were floored on how great the site overhaul looks. They were calling out features they have been wanting for a long time and were extremely excited to see the professionalism and dynamic visual quality of the experience. So cool to see this come to life.


LOVE the new website! Congratulations Austen, Dan, Karen and the IDSA team. This is such a treat.


Austen, the IDSA Team has made leaps and bounds with our NEW website. Great job!! Keep up with all of these positive changes! Certainly an exciting time for the Society!