Tipping Point


IDSA and Tipping Point partner for a new initiative designed to help create a robust cross-boarder incubation platform for new product and brand development. 


This exclusive & strategic cooperation with the Industrial Designers Society of America aims to build a robust two-way cross-border collaboration between design and manufacturing communities in the USA and China. One of its goals is to introduce US matured design concepts, design talent and design-driven products into China. Another focus is to it connect the Chinese high-quality supply chain resources with US innovative enterprises. Ultimately, it helps create a pathway for innovative products go to the international market.

This partnership was first announced in 2019 during the International Design Conference in Chicago, IL. Due to effects of COVID-19 impacting international travel and global communities in 2020, much of the project was put on hold. However, progress was still being made in the background and we hope to bolster efforts in 2021. 



What Tipping Point Does

Tipping Point specializes on product innovation and brand creation to meet domestic consumer needs. It adopts venture capital incubation mentality; adhering to the principle of product co-creation, cost sharing, risk sharing and return sharing with result-driven approaches and provides core competencies, resources and capital for start-ups / projects to grow into full scale enterprises.​

Areas of Expertise

Tipping Point has a team of industry experts who provide professional consulting and execution capabilities. The team combines industrial resources and enterprise management experience to provide full process and closed-loop incubation services including: 1) business strategy & positioning 2) product definition and product design 3) brand positioning and integrated marketing 4) domestic supply chain management 5) domestic and overseas channel docking 6) investment and financing services.


Benefits to the IDSA Community

With this partnership, we hope to establish a long-standing and trusted resource for knowledge exchange that links US designers to their counterparts in China. Additionally, this agreement creates a pathway for new business development opportunities for US designed products to be commercialized for a massive Chinese consumer market. Tipping Point has an extensive portfolio of capabilities which can be leveraged by the IDSA community to build competency in areas from overseas manufacturing and distribution to venture funding and mobile e-commerce.


Members of the Tipping Point team presented an overview of the program during IDC 2020.


Navigating Towards Success in China: Design-driven product commercialization and go-to-market partnerships are core competencies of the 21st century designer / founder’s tool set. In this talk, Dylan Ren and Chris Hosmer describe the innovative end-to-end entrepreneurship platform called Tipping Point, a cross-border innovation incubator strategically aligned with IDSA and key partners in Design, Brand Marketing, E-Commerce Operation, Channel Operation and Investment Management. Recorded September 18, 2020.


Headquartered in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, Tipping Point has set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley to select high-quality projects for in-depth incubation with China and US well-known VC firms. Recently incubated products are from categories such as health care, home appliances, cultural & creative, food and others.