Design Voices with Stephen Wilcox, FIDSA

Mar 3 2015 - 2:47pm

IDSA's inaugural Medical Design Conference, The Usability Ecosystem, held at CAMLS (Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation) was very popular. Now, we're bringing some of the best presentations right to your computer as 1-hour, interactive webinars. This webinar is FREE for members and just $19.99 for non-members. The webinar is sponsored by: 


The Future of Healthcare and What it Means for the Role of Industrial Designers

May 20, 2015 1:00pm EST | Stephen B. Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA | REGISTER 

The presentation starts with a summary of the changes that have taken place in healthcare, particularly with medical devices, over the past 30 years, then provides predictions of what will happen in the next 30 years. Medical care has changed dramatically; many of the procedures that we take for granted today didn’t exist 30 years ago. Changes in healthcare have relied upon general technological developments, so, to predict what will happen in the future, it’s necessary to predict what will change in technology. It seems likely that many present developments will continue—e.g., better computing power, smaller miniaturization, etc. The difficult part is to predict the radical changes to be expected in the future. The final challenge is to figure out what the role of industrial design will be in healthcare. 

Stephen Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA | Principal and Founder | Design Science
Principal and Founder of Design Science Stephen Wilcox has 30 years of experience working on the usability of products, particularly medical devices. He was the Chair of IDSA’s Human Factors Section for several years and serves on AAMI’s Human Factors Engineering Committee and the IEC/ISO committee responsible for IEC/ISO 62366:2007. He holds a BS in psychology and anthropology from Tulane University, a PhD in experimental psychology from Penn State and a Certificate in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His book, Designing Usability into Medical Products, with Michael Wiklund, was published in 2005.