Innovation Takes Center Stage at Nation's Largest STEM Expo

IDSA participates in the 5th USA Science and Engineering Festival

IDSA participates in the 5th USA Science and Engineering Festival
Jun 11 2018 - 9:22am


For many high school students, the term ‘Industrial Design’ is virtually unknown as a professional practice or a gateway to solving problems through a creative lens. At the nation's largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), IDSA set out to change that through building awareness and talking with families about industrial design.


The 5th USA Science and Engineering Festival, held in Washington, D.C. every two years, features over 3,000 hands-on exhibits from over 750 of the world's leading scientific and engineering societies, universities, government agencies, high-tech corporations and STEM organizations. Topics covered throughout the 2.3 million-square-foot convention center included art, design, technology, space, energy, neuroscience, coding, animals, AI and robots. It’s here that IDSA set up shop to engage with the next generation of problem solvers and share the opportunities available to them through the industrial design profession.



"The most poignant moment for me was when a mother of a local student was moved to tears as we explained more about the profession of industrial design and how designers use creativity and technology to solve problems," said Karen Berube, Senior Director of Programs. "Shedding light on the ID profession and helping these students and their families discover a passion for design is why we wanted IDSA to be there."



In collaboration with a team of IDSA members, the Society produced a 12-page sketchbook encouraging students to explore design and creative innovation. The sketchbook includes a description of industrial design as well as employment facts about the industrial design profession.


“We created the sketchbook to showcase the sketching talents of our members and to inspire the next generation,” said Kelsey Rerko, IDSA Graphic Designer. “It was definitely worth producing the book, especially seeing kids light up while paging through the sketches.”


Special thanks to the sketchbook sponsor, 3M, and sketch contributors: Owen Foster, IDSA; Jose Gamboa, IDSA; Sheng-Hung Lee, I/IDSA; Hector Silva, IDSA; and Jeff Smith, IDSA.