IDSA Welcomes Newest Ambassador: Samsung Design America

Sep 14 2017 - 8:40am

Samsung Design America, located in San Francisco, has become the newest IDSA Ambassador.

“As a recognized leader in the global IT industry with about 200 subsidiaries around the world, we set ourselves apart from the competition in manufacturing, R&D, marketing and services with the help of our local subsidiaries in respective regions—while tirelessly pursuing disruptive innovation and creating values,” says Hong-Pyo Kim, Head of Samsung Design America,

Established as a leader of home appliances in 1969, Samsung Electronics is now endeavoring in the infotainment business—information, telecommunication and audio and video—as well as in lifecare such as fitness, healthcare, environment and energy and convenient services—to shape tomorrow's society into one complete picture, not limited to the excitement of modernity and the expectation of renowned quality for all. 

"To enable our worldwide customers to access a more convenient and 'smarter' life, our three business divisions—Consumer Electronics; IT and Mobile Communications; and Device Solutions—serve as pillars for generating synergy and delivering products and services with unrivaled quality," says Kim.

He adds, “I am very pleased to be a part of IDSA's Ambassador program. I will support the design community through IDSA, with Samsung’s firm belief that design is one of the most important things for our life and future.”

IDSA Ambassadors support the industrial design profession with a primary focus on research, thought leadership and advocacy.