IDSA Updates & Response to COVID-19

Jun 22 2021 - 1:56pm


The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has been closely following updates on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), with concerns for the health and safety of our communities in the United States and abroad in mind. We urge you to stay informed on the latest CDC updates and recommendations here

Click here for the full 2021 calendar of IDSA virtual events and programming.


Updates at IDSA HQ 

IDSA Staff are working remotely through Summer 2021. Since our employees will be out of the office during this time, there may be a slight delay in the processing of mailed payments, single INNOVATION orders, and the like.

All major operational functions and support of the IDSA community will continue, including phone calls, emails, and other forms of digital communication related to our events, chapter outreach, and programming. If you have questions or require support, please reach out to us at

Local Chapter Events

All in-person, out-door chapter events may resume. All in-person, in-door chapter events are subject to IDSA approval.  Please review the 2021 Guidance for Hosting In-person Chapter Events for detailed information. 

However, we enthusiastically support engaging communities through virtual events and programming during this time. Please check with your local chapter officers and Community Manager Korie Twiggs for the most up-to-date information about events in your community. 

Additional Resources

  • Designers for Hire: Y Combinator is putting together a list of designers looking for work. Fill out their form here.
  • Check out IDSA's tips and resources for designing from home.