IDSA Partners with New TV Series “California by Design: Innovations"

Dec 8 2020 - 4:16pm


IDSA announced its partnership with “California by Design: Innovations” during the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Ceremony & Gala on Aug. 21, 2019.

“California by Design: Innovations” will air Saturdays and Sundays in July-August 2020 on the CBS Television Network in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area. The countdown format television show features IDSA as an industry partner and IDSA members Chris Livaudais (Executive Director, IDSA), Dan Harden (CEO and Principal Designer, Whispaw) and Ti Chang (VP of Design, Crave) as judges and presenters. Visit to learn more!

Watch The Live Broadcast 

Channel 2 Los Angeles – Saturdays at 3pm PST
Channel 5 San Francisco Bay Area – Saturdays at 7pm PST




“California by Design: Innovations” tells the stories behind the great innovations that are changing the way we live our lives. Innovators will share the challenges they’re facing, the problems they’re solving and the amazing benefits their innovations are providing to individuals, communities, industry and society.

“California by Design” revives the popular “Towards 2000” genre of television entertainment, providing a mass mainstream audience with deep insights into what it takes to imagine, create and bring to life new ideas and innovations.


Innovation is incredibly broad. “California by Design: Innovations” features everything from personal devices to transportation, medical and advanced technologies that affect our daily lives. It uncovers the key ingredients of these designs: How innovative are they, what makes them different and what problems are they trying to solve?

Across six half-hour episodes, “California by Design” will spotlight 40 of California's most incredible and game-changing innovations. The first five episodes will feature eight different innovations per episode. A judging deliberation will result in one or more innovations being chosen from each episode to go through to the sixth and final episode, counting down to the top 10 game-changing innovations for the year.

Ultimately, the “California by Design: Innovations” panel will declare which of these top 10 designs is the California by Design: Innovation of the Year.


Comments from "California by Design" Executive Producer Mike Chapman 

"Innovation at its most simple is about bringing an idea to market. But the power comes when you link design to creativity, which allows that innovation to answer a need we didn’t know we had … Not since the industrial revolution have we witnessed such an epochal transformation of our society, culture, infrastructure, education, transportation, medicine and economics. It’s hard to keep up with the daily changes of ‘how we do things.’

‘California by Design: Innovations’ showcases only the amazing and the mind-boggling ... innovations and concepts that are real and are sure to change the way we live our daily lives today, but also in five years’ time. We are excited to have gathered some of the most influential industrial designers representing California's design and innovation community. Their job is to provide insights and get us excited about the advancements the world has in store for us.

'California by Design: Innovations' is a fantastic opportunity: a design conversation in front of a mainstream American audience."


Comments from IDSA Executive Director Chris Livaudais, IDSA

Great industrial design is more than a great aesthetic. ‘California by Design: Innovations’ will allow viewers to explore the entire arc of what a designer goes through when they are developing a project or product, and to really understand what it takes to put something out to market. We'll be able to hear those stories and tell that narrative.

The IDSA hopes the industrial design community gets behind and becomes part of ‘California by Design: Innovations.’ This program is about celebrating you—the designer, the crafter— amplifying your message and your work, and broadcasting your design in front of a much larger platform than we ever thought possible.

The IDSA is proud to be the industry partner of ‘California by Design: Innovations.’ IDSA's goal to celebrate industrial design and innovation at the highest level and we believe this program helps us accomplish that."


Co-Presenter Dan Harden, IDSA

Highly respected industrial designer Dan Harden is a co-presenter for the series and will be out in the field bringing the show’s innovation stories to life. Dan is President, CEO and co-founder of the acclaimed U.S. design firm Whipsaw.

"California by Design’ is personally very exciting for me because there’s so much creativity and vibrancy here. Collectively we are going to find, bring forward and articulate the value of what good design is. It’s a great opportunity for the design community at large to express what we do to a broad audience. Nothing like this has ever been done before."

Dan has won over 270 design awards and has been granted over 350 patents. His vast experience and deep insights add significant firepower to the collective braintrust that is the show’s panel of industry experts.


Co-presenter Ti Chang, IDSA

Ti Chang is an industrial designer, entrepreneur, co-founder and VP of Design for CRAVE, a company based in San Francisco, CA that designs luxury pleasure products for women. She is best known for the design of the celebrated vibrator necklace Vesper. Ti leads the concept and design for the company’s full line of products, which have won numerous design awards including IDEA, Red Dot and Good Design.

A native of Atlanta, GA who now enjoys life and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ti holds an MA in Design Products from Royal College of Art in London and a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Institute of Technology. Ti also will take viewers out in the field as a co-presenter for “California by Design: Innovations,” presenting innovation stories.


Co-presenter Paul Wylde

Paul Wylde is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of paulwylde: a very successful and award-winning boutique brand, innovation, design and communications consultancy located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Paul specializes in creating, activating and translating brand promises into memorable experiences for the hospitality, travel, retail and food & beverage industries. His current clients include: Allegiant Air, Jet Suite X, Odyssey Airlines, The Boeing Company, Delta Airlines, Carmel City Council, EnView, Saudia Airlines, Barclaycard, Air Canada, Jet Blue Airways, Hilton Worldwide, Panasonic, Intercontinental Hotels Group and BMW Group.

"This show represents a huge opportunity to educate and inspire people as to the true worth of design."




“Australia by Design” was introduced to Australian audiences in 2017 via the TEN Network. Starting with an Architectural series, television company MWC Productions then partnered with the Good Design Awards to create the Innovations program.

Now in 2019, “Australia by Design: Innovations” is in its third series and has gained a loyal, diverse and growing national television audience.