Design Voices with Bill Evans, IDSA

May 1 2018 - 9:23am

IDSA's inaugural Medical Design Conference, The Usability Ecosystem, held at CAMLS (Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation) was very popular. Now, we're bringing some of the best presentations right to your computer as 1-hour, interactive webinars. This webinar is FREE for members and just $19.99 for non-members. This webinar is sponsored by: 


5 in 5: mHealth and Medical Web App UI 

March 18, 1pm EST | Bill Evans, IDSA 

What kinds of medical information-oriented products will designers be working on in 5 years time, and how can we rise to the patient and clinician ‘engagement’ challenges? Based on years of FDA/EU regulated UI design experience, Bill Evans will give his predictions and recount 5 lessons from the device UI world to help designers understand and meet these challenges:

  • Usability isn’t just can you use it, but WILL you use it.
  • Data isn’t useful if it isn’t actionable.
  • Sharing data—the practicalities and challenges beyond HIPAA concerns
  • User testing from start to finish—what are the issues specific to this kind of usability challenge
  • Small is beautiful—what kinds of rapid prototyping and small scale tests are likely to lead to success

Bill Evans, IDSA | Founder | Bridge
As founder of Bridge, a 20-year-old, San Francisco-based design consultancy specializing in medical products, Bill Evans has grown as a designer alongside the medical industries’ gradual adoption of a user-centered approach. Traveling widely and interacting with healthcare professionals and patients across many medical areas has given him a broad understanding of the field. Writing and speaking widely about design in the medical industry, he has also been on the editorial advisory board of the leading trade journal, MD&DI, since 2003. He spent four years at Lunar Design and five years as vice president of design at a British appliance maker before founding Bridge. He is an early alumnus of the joint RCA and Imperial College Industrial Design Engineering master’s program in London.